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Global coverage of Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Groundbreaking Ceremony on November 11, 2015 received worldwide coverage.  A selection of great stories about the event are listed below.


NBC News: Giant Magellan Telescope Breaks Ground in Chile’s Atacama Desert

BBC: Giant Magellan Telescope: Super-scope project breaks ground

CBS Los Angeles: Pasadena Group Breaks Ground On Project To Build World’s Largest Telescope

Popular Mechanics: The World’s Largest Telescope Breaks Ground Today

Christian Science Monitor: Work begins on humongous telescope

Ars Technica: Astronomers begin building super telescope to see dawn of the Universe

Associated Press: Scientists break ground in Chile for Giant Magellan Telescope; to be world’s largest by 2021 Construction Underway on Giant Magellan Telescope in Chilean Andes

Reuters: Hoping to find life on other planets, astronomers start on giant Chile telescope

Popular Science: Construction Begins on the Giant Magellan Telescope

HuffPost Science: Giant New Telescopes To Unlock Science’s Greatest Mysteries

Engadget: Construction has begun on the Giant Magellan Telescope in Chile

Tech Insider: We just started building the largest and most powerful optical telescope ever

The Battalion: Construction of world’s largest telescope begins on Chilean soil

Bloomberg West: Giant Magellan Telescope Construction Begins (coverage starts at 37:10)


El Mercurio:

La Tercera: Presidenta Bachelet dio inicio a la construcción del telescopio más grande del mundo

El Día: Comienza la construcción de Magallanes, el telescopio más grande del mundo


KBS: 우리나라 참여 세계 ‘최대 망원경’ 첫 삽

MBC:  “공사비만 1조 원” 한국 참여 ‘초대형 망원경’ 첫 삽

YTN: 거대 마젤란 망원경 건설 첫 삽…지구형 행성 발견하나

Hankyoreh:  ‘우주 최초의 별을 찾아라’…거대마젤란망원경 구축 첫 삽