Commissioning Camera – ComCam


The commissioning camera will be used to validate the Ground Layer Adaptive Optics (GLAO) performance of the GMT facility Adaptive Optics System. It is also needed for the initial alignment of the telescope and for verifying the natural seeing optical performance in the Direct Gregorian Narrow Field (DGNF) mode.

Science Goals

Commissioning – Alignment and image quality verification, Ground-layer AO performance verification
Science – Deep broadband imaging (e.g., stellar populations, galaxy morphology), Deep Narrow band imaging (e.g., planetary nebulae at 100 Mpc)

Technical Specifications

Wavelength range: 3,600 – 9,500 Å
Pixel Scale: 0.06 arcsec/pix
Distortion: < 0.6%
Image quality: ~0.10 arcsec FWHM
Field of view: 36 arcmin2