Facility Fiber Optics Positioner – MANIFEST


The Many Instrument Fiber System (MANIFEST) is a facility fiber system. The GMT has an unusually large field of view for an ELT. While some of the proposed instruments use a significant portion of the field, none make full use of the 20´ diameter. MANIFEST provides a means to observe multiple targets over the entire field of view with one or more of the spectrographs, including GMACS and G-CLEF. The precise multiplexing gains vary for each spectrograph depending on the available slit length and type of fiber inputs employed. The MANIFEST concept uses “Starbugs” – self-motile fiber heads deployed on a glass plate. MANIFEST offers a means by which GMT can be optimized for high AΩ survey science without reimaging the full focal plane.

More information can be found on the AAO MANIFEST webpage.

PI: Lawrence / Colless (AAO-MQU) / (ANU)

Science Goals

Fiber feeding system to facility spectrographs

Galaxies –  chemical composition, distribution, evolution, radial velocities, dark matter, distributions
Stars – kinematics, abundances
Planets – atmospheric chemistry
Intergalactic Medium  – chemical composition, gas dynamics, ionization states

Technical Specifications

Field of view: 314 arcmin2
Wavelength range: 3,600 – 16,000 Å (optical and IR fibers)
Number of fibers: ~5,000
Positioning accuracy: 0.02 arcsec
Positioning time: <3 minutes
Instruments supported: GMACS, G-CLEF, future IR Multi-object spectrograph (simultaneously)


SPIE Proc 8446-289. Goodwin, M. et al.