Visible Echelle Spectrograph – G-CLEF


The GMT Consortium Large Earth Finder (G-CLEF) is a general-purpose visible echelle spectrograph that also provides precision radial velocity capabilities. G-CLEF will reside in a gravity invariant and temperature-controlled environment on the azimuth disk of the telescope. An optical and fiber relay system will transfer light from the telescope to G-CLEF and will scramble the light within each of the seven sub-apertures in the process. The instrument will support several observing modes with a range of spectral resolutions and input aperture sizes.

More detailed information can be found on the CfA G-CLEF webpage.

PI: Andrew Szentgyorgyi  (SAO/Harvard)

Science Goals

Exoplanets – precise velocities, atmospheric properties
Stars – abundances, isotopes, and velocities
Dwarf galaxies – abundances, dark matter
Cosmology – chemical evolution, fine structure constant

For more details on the science goals, please visit the CfA G-CLEF science webpage.

Technical Specifications

Spectral resolutions: 19,000, 35,000, 108,000
Wavelength range: 3500 – 9500 Å
Velocity precision: <50 cm/s per observation; <10 cm/s over time
Modes: High throughput, Medium Resolution, High resolution, precision radial velocity, multi-object  (w/ MANIFEST)
Field of View: 300 arcmin2 (with MANIFEST fiber system)

For more details on the technical specifications, please visit the CfA G-CLEF technology webpage.


SPIE Proc 8446-052. Szentgyorgyi, A. et al. (2012)

SPIE Proc 9147-78. Szentgyorgyi, A. et al. (2014)

A complete list of G-CLEF publications can be found on the CfA G-CLEF webpage.