RFP Announcement

Telescope Mount Scope

The scope of the “Telescope Mount Request for Proposal” includes telescope support structures including:

  • The main optical support structure
  • Telescope drives
  • Azimuth and Elevation Bearings
  • Cable wraps
  • The azimuth track for the telescope-pier interface, and
  • The weldments for the primary mirror (M1) cells that contain the M1 support system and M1 segments.

The scope does not include:

  • The M1 cell support system: mirror supports, actuators, ventilators and controls
  • Any of the optics.

The specific scope for this package relating to the secondary mirror system (M2) and other subsystems is under development.

Approved bidders will receive the necessary detailed design information.

Primary Suppliers

Designers and fabricators need not have prior experience with ground-based optical telescopes, but they should be experienced in the design and/or fabrication of precision equipment or large-scale instruments for scientific or high technology applications.

Secondary Suppliers

GMTO expects material suppliers and other secondary suppliers to be subcontracted by the first tier (primary) designers/fabricators in teaming or partnering arrangements. GMTO encourages such arrangements but will not be directly involved in making them.

No competitive advantage will accrue by teaming with GMTO Founder institutions or with companies located in GMTO Founder institution countries. The telescope will be procured through an open global competition with teams to be formed based on business decisions by the bidding parties, with no involvement or influence by GMTO.

After the Industry Briefing GMTO will make available the names of parties, with their permission, who returned an Expression of Interest form.

RFP Process and timing

There are several stages to the RFP. All dates, except for the Industry Briefing, are preliminary and are subject to change without notice.

  1. August 16, 2016: Expression of Interest form available
  2. September 12, 2016 at 5 pm (PDT): Expression of Interest form return deadline
  3. September 15, 2016: Information packet available
  4. September 21 and 22, 2016: An Industry Briefing in Los Angeles, California
  5. February 23, 2017: Request for Proposals released to qualified bidders
  6. March 23, 2017: Notices of Intent due
  7. May 19, 2017: Proposals due

Source selection will occur approximately two months following the deadline for proposal submission.

Proposals must be submitted via our electronic portal. Details will be provided to qualified bidders. Facsimile or hard copies will not be accepted.

More information/contacts

For more information please email rfp@gmto.org with the subject line “GMT Mount RFP”.

Frequently asked questions about the GMT project are available here.

Support Site construction progress, October 27, 2016. Click for larger image.